Excerpt From The Redemption of Tara

Charmed in Paradise Bk 3 OTHER SITESSophie disappeared into the bathroom and Tara stepped out on to the balcony. Down below the pool staff was busy setting up chaise lounges and raising sun umbrellas for the day. The morning was warm and clear without a cloud in the sky. Just another day in paradise, thought Tara, only right now it didn’t feel like paradise.
The pool was just under their room maybe thirty feet away. Tara concentrated on one of the pool chairs and said, “Into the pool.” The chair slid along the concrete pool deck and launched itself into the pool.
The splash brought the attention of the pool attendants who were wiping down and setting up chairs, and they watched in baffled silence as the chair floated for a second or two then began to sink lazily to the bottom of the pool. One of the guys looked around, threw up his hands, took off his shirt and jumped into the water. He retrieved the chair and with a great deal of effort dragged it to the pool deck. Tara bit her lip, smothered a giggle and made a mental note to leave a generous tip for the morning pool staff.

She looked beyond the pool deck onto the oceanfront. About a hundred yards away, a lone man stood in the morning light on the deserted beach. From her vantage point on the balcony Tara saw that he was holding some sort of remote control device. A small drone, about the size of a platter took off from the sand. Tara brought her focus to the small aircraft.
“Land on the sand,” She commanded. But the drone continued rising. Her inner voice piped up.
“This is not as simple as it appears. From this distance and considering the size of the object, we will need a little help. Use the talisman to help us focus our power.”
Tara reached down and grabbed her necklace; again she focused on the drone and said, “Land on the sand.”
The drone stopped climbing and simply hovered. The man holding the remote control looked confused and began to work the controls in earnest but the drone didn’t move.
The voice continued to instruct, “More concentration, and this time use your body just a little.”
Tara concentrated harder on the drone as she extended her arm, pointed her finger at the aircraft and slowly lowered it repeating her command. The drone dropped through the tropical air and landed gently on the sand. The man on the beach turned over his remote control and pulled out the batteries, then put them back in. He jogged over to the drone and began turning it over in his hands trying to find the cause of the malfunction. “Perfect.” said the voice.

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