Why Are Billionaires So Sexy?


He laid her naked body gently on the bed, the surface of which was covered in one hundred dollar bills. She could feel his ravenous eyes devouring her. He reached over to the bedside table. It was the piece he’d insisted she secure for him when it had come up at Sotheby’s; the winning bid had been $497,000.00. From the drawer he retrieved a mitten. But this was no ordinary mitten. It was finely handcrafted from the fur of Russian chinchillas. He slipped it over his hand as he stared deeply into her eyes. She felt her womanhood begin to melt, going soft and syrupy. He placed the velvety fur of the mitten on her cheek and watched her shiver at the incredible sensation. Somehow flushed with heat and chilled at the same time, she involuntarily released a low purr from deep within her throat. He slowly ran his gloved hand down her body, gliding the fur over the sensitive skin of her neck and she shuddered with anticipation. The crisp, rough texture of the money against her backside and the luxurious softness of the fur glove against her neck made all of her skin come alive, every nerve firing at once leaving her unable to control herself. A low moan escaped her lips like a thief in the night as his gloved hand slid tantalizingly over one breast and then the other. He leaned down, his eyes staring deeply into hers and brushed his lips teasingly across hers. And then he claimed her lips possessively with his and she tasted hints of French champagne and lust as the glove continued its journey southward, setting her entire body aflame with desire…

What is it about these naughty billionaires and their sexy money? If you go to the romance section of your favorite bookstore or online retailer these bad boys with big bucks are everywhere. Each one seems to have a dark secret and a nasty little proclivity that sets our hearts a flutter. But why is their money so important to the overall equation?

It’s easy to point our crooked little fingers at E.L James and her breakout novel Fifty Shades of Grey but these seeds were sown long before that phenomenon took hold. Even that bastion of wholesome family entertainment, Walt Disney introduced our trembling pre-pubescent hearts to the story of Cinderella. That poor step sister/house maid who hits the magical equivalent of the Power Ball Lottery and meets her handsome (and of course, incredibly rich) prince. What little girl didn’t dream of that fate befalling her?

Having unlimited resources suddenly thrust upon us in the company of a roguishly handsome, yet flawed (let’s face it—every girl needs a project or life’s just a yawn fest) alpha male with the mega hots for us is the stuff of dreams.

So, while I love and appreciate my everyday life filled with soccer practice, doctors appointments, housework and bill-juggling, I also love escaping into a world where people  jet off to Paris at a moment’s notice and pull chinchilla gloves from the drawers of nightstands they picked up for half a million bucks.

There are those who would deride me for my little billionaire fantasy but I remain shamelessly unapologetic and freely admit that yes, part of the attraction is the money. Now my only question is: Where can a girl get her hands on a chinchilla mitten—on EBay?

Sara McBride is the author of The Awakening of Tara, the first book in her Charmed in Paradise series of BBW Paranormal Romance novellas available at:

http://www.amazon.com/Awakening-Tara-Paradise–Book-Paranormal-ebook/dp/B010MFYDP0/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1437333550&sr=1-1&keywords=the+awakening+of+tara .

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